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Highest Quality Audio Gear Now Available.

Our rental gear is currently out of date. Sorry for the inconvenience, but some stuff is gone and some new stuff is on the way. Our most popular rental, the Bricasti M7 reverb is still here. Let me know if there is anything specific  you are looking for and I will get back to you ASAP.



M7Bricasti M7 Reverb
Hands down the most musical reverb available today. Truly stunning!!!


m801Grace M801
8 channel transformerless mic pre. Two sets of XLR outputs per channel prefect for splitting the signal to a recorder and live console.


alesisAlesis HD 24
24-channel hard disc recorder. Rock solid 24 channel recorder that doesn’t crash like a DAW.


43766Radial JDI Duplex
2-channel direct box


Neumann TLM 170
Large diaphragm switchable 5 polar pattern  transformerless microphone.


Neumann TLM 193
Large diaphragm cardioid  transformerless microphone.


Sanken CU-41
Two capsule cardioid condenser microphone with very flat freq response.


Coles 4038*
One of the BBC’s finest ribbon mics. Still being produced since 1961.


RCA 44 BX*
An american classic. The RCA 44 has been a studio standard for voice and music since 1932.


Variable pattern ribbon mic uses a shutter and labrynth to control the pattern.


AEA A440*
With all the warmth and beauty of the RCA 44, the AEA A440 boasts more output and a quiet JFET active circuit designed by Fred Forssell.


Schoeps CMC6 combo
CMC6 preamp with choice of one capsule mk4 cardioid, mk41 hypercardioid, mk8 fig 8, mk21 sub-cardioid, mk2 omni or mk2H omni.


Sennheiser MD421
One of Germany’s best dynamic mics. The cardioid MD421 has a 5 position bass roll off. A studio standard with over 500,000 made since its introduction in 1960.


Weekly rate special – 7 days at 4 day rate.
Extensive microphone collection available upon request

Our inventory is constantly growing. Please inquire about any product, especially from these fine brands:

* Ribbon mic rental returns are subject to ribbon evaluation. Any damage will result in a re-ribboning fee.